I was born in 1969, and I spent most of my life doing physics and mathematics. The bookfolding began in a second hand charity bookstore, where I volunteer since 2013. All books are donated. We receive so many books that we can't possibly sell them all. But precisely the ones we had to discard, appealed to me the most; the old, imperfect ones that make you wonder who read and treasured them for so long. I wanted to rescue those, and give them a new life.

I never get tired of working with books, because I love to read and always get drawn into the text in my hands. I still keep discovering new methods of folding, cutting, bending or curling the pages, creating new and ever surprising three-dimensional effects.

I have plenty of ideas, and love to take them to the limit of accuracy. Here my mathematical background comes into play: in order to damage the books as little as possible, I work out many details beforehand. Most of my book sculptures could in principle still be read.

Also, I make collages from discarded magazines, which often contain beautiful photo's. I cut intuitive shapes from colors or patterns that appeal to me, and combine them into surreal landscapes.