These are the books that I folded and sold to people who requested them.

dated 2013 until 2019 (click on an image to enlarge an artwork)
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A present for a professor in queueing theory. The book is a standard work in this field, the folding pattern represents queueing processes. The sphere in the middle is a tennis ball, because his hobby is playing tennis.  



A birthday present, made to a photo.

Matrushka dolls


A birthday present for a friend who collects matrushka dolls. I folded the shape of these dolls, but also expressed the idea, by placing a little book inside a large one. 



A present for a designer and his family. The letters are shaped like ipad keys.



This is a present for an optician, who at a later age started making silver jewelry and reading science fiction. The design is a synthesis of all these occupations. Sold for 175 euro.

miniature heart


I met a man who makes miniature books from recycled material, and requested a folded heart in one. I thought it would be a nice challenge to fold an even tinier heart inside! Traded for another miniature book.



A remake of my first design, made for a girl who is fond of reading and wanted this for in her room. Sold for 50 euro; it is one of my most basic designs.



This is a birthday gift voor CB, who devoted her life to reading for children. Sold for 150 euro.  

Awareness ribbon


This work was created for someone who wanted to cheer up her sick friend. I was happy to do this assignment, and hope it has helped. Sold for 80 dollar.



This book I made for someone who requested an art work with the word 'boek' (dutch for 'book'). Therefore I chose a book about art. Because it was quite a large book, I wanted the word to appear as massive. I used perspective to accomplish this: the 'B' and the 'K' seem to be around the corner. Sold for 120 euro.

Reading II


Just like 'Reading', a silhouet of a reading woman, folded in a book. Here also, the smallest details are formed by folds of less than a millimeter in a single page. An admirer wanted to buy 'Reading' as a present for his wife. I adapted the design so that it looked more like her. Sold for 300 dollar. 

Happy birthday Bug


This book was for the birthday of Bug, a boy who loves reading. So I made his name in round, playful letters. Sold for 100 dollars.